Natural jewelry and crystal jewelry for yogis

Rutschfeste und umweltfreundliche Yogamatten. Dein Yogashop für nachhaltige Yogamatten & Yoga Zubehör. Entdecke deine neue PU Yogamatte, Mikrofaser Yogamatte oder Kork Yogamatte. Basis aus Naturkautschuk.

    Macrame jewelry, necklaces, anklets, earrings

    Live yoga holistically in everyday life.

    Go through life consciously, breathe properly, treat yourself to a little break, recharge your batteries. Listening to the body, listening to the soul all this is part of yoga.

    And so the production of the macrame jewelery is always a little break for me, when I switch off and relax, meditate and am completely in the here and now.

    Natural jewelry by Napali. Tied with a lot of love. Macrame yoga, so to speak.

    Because yoga is a way of life.

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