Are you a moon child too?

Do you also feel the moon very intensely, live a bit after it and enrich your life with small moon rituals?

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Not yet? Then give it a try.

Full moon - the yang phase

Especially on a full moon you are always particularly sensitive, it is a wonderful time to let things go and small rituals can enrich you a lot during this time.

Sit on your yoga mat, make yourself comfortable with a meditation cushion, a cup of tea, put a small journal book next to you and light an incense stick.

Give yourself a full moon meditation. Arrive, relax and listen to yourself. Give your femininity space and recharge your batteries with strength and energy. Use white sage or palo santo to incense to cleanse negative energies.

What do you want to let go of? Make room for something new! Feel your strength and deepen your capacity for sensitivity, compassion and mindfulness.

New moon - the Ying phase

Use the power of the new moon for desires and manifestations. The new moon represents beginning, growth and development. Connect with your dreams and desires during a new moon meditation, manifest what you can and set your intention for the coming month.

Personally, I love my little moon rituals. I always like to use them to become aware of my goals, to notice that I should maybe slow down a bit, to give myself breaks, to reflect and to give myself a bit of magic.

magic. A word I like to use. Give your life a little deceleration, magic, pausing, reflection and enrich your life by consciously connecting with nature, grounding yourself and letting your soul dance.

I have attached my favorite yoga mat for my moon rituals under this post...I think it's not difficult to see that I'm a moon child, isn't it?

Feel free to write me a comment about your favorite moon rituals.

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