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Napali is a small 1-woman company founded by me in 2017.

I am 38 years old, a yoga teacher, mom of 8 year old twins and love to practice yoga every day.

Napali- Yogamats - über mich - Infos zur Napali Gründerin

I founded Napali-Yogamats because I have a huge dream. My dream is to pack my loved ones and go to Hawaii for a few weeks. To be more precise, on Kauai on the Napali Coast. This beautiful island just magically attracts me. I've been working full-time in an office for 3 days since I became a mom, but as many of you may know, the wages pretty much go to waste in rent, childcare and fuel costs.

So one day I thought why not turn my hobby into a job and so I gathered all my courage, took out a small loan and founded Napali-Yogamats.

And so every cent that is left over at Napali goes to the so-called "pineapple account" in the hope of being able to save so much in the next few years that I will be able to embark on this wonderful journey. Because you only live once. NOW is the time and NOW you are young and free and wild and with a lot of luck I'll stand on a SUP in front of this beautiful island and feel, see and breathe in all of its beauty... I'm dreaming again. ...

My Napali project now fulfills me so much that I now of course feel the desire to devote myself full-time to my heart project, also to spend more quality time with my children and to lead a free, wild and self-determined life ..

Oh yeahh! A lot of trust and perseverance are required.

I firmly believe that my dream will manifest itself and I'm also busy wriggling about it.

Do you also have a big dream?

Go for it!

Follow your intuition and your very personal soul plan!

I also feel a great need to make the world a little bit better. It makes me so sad when I see how much plastic waste is floating around in our oceans and how many animals die from it every day. There are always alternatives and the plastic-free base of the Napali yoga mats made of natural rubber are perhaps a tiny start.

I also wish that you feel super comfortable and grounded on your Napali yoga mat. The Napali yoga mats are designed to take you into another world, a powerful world of mysticism, trust, love and inner peace.

Your yoga mat should be your small, very personal and magical place where you consciously give yourself time for yourself.

The world is often gray enough and the Napali yoga mats are my small contribution to making your life a little more colorful!

In that sense...


Your Tanja Brooks

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Already knew?

Yoga mats designed in Ingolstadt

All Napali designs (except the 2 designs together with Cosmic Collage from Mexico) are designed by me in Ingolstadt, with a lot

love and mindfulness .

My goal is to design yoga mats that give you self-confidence. You should feel completely comfortable on your yoga mat, whether in your own living room or in a well-attended yoga class. Your yoga mat should be your place of safety and self-love

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Our natural rubber is 100% biodegradable because we care about our planet and we believe that each and every one of us makes a difference can.

We donate1€ of every order goes to the Surfrider Foundation, which is dedicated to preserving and protecting the coasts and waters.

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