Meditation cushion Tencel Chakraflow
Meditation cushion Tencel Chakraflow

Meditation cushion Tencel Chakraflow

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When meditating or doing yoga exercises while sitting, the elevated position ensures a comfortable posture: your breath can flow more easily, the hips and spine straighten up better and are relaxed, the back is relieved. With practical carrying strap.


Organic spelled husks. The husks are specially cleaned and dusted. They adapt optimally to the body shape and help you to adopt a comfortable and stable posture.

opening The cover is closed with a drawstring on the bottom. Separate inner cushion with zip.
Care Cover washable at 30 degrees. Inner cushion with zip. You can adjust your seat height individually or exchange & refill the fur if necessary.

Cover: 100% Tencel cover. Inner cushion: organic nettle.


Size L: diameterca. 32cm I height ca.13cm

Recycled & Recyclable

The basis all of our yoga mats consists of environmentally friendly natural rubber.

Natural rubber is a renewable raw material, biodegradable, lies perfectly and firmly on the floor and offers you the perfect cushioning for your yoga practice.


All yoga mats from Napali- Yogamats are vegan and environmentally friendly.

Because we love animals.

Reduced pollutant production

The The microfiber surface of the Napali yoga mats is made from recycled plastic bottles and like all other surfaces of the Napali yoga mats, it is pressed directly with the natural rubber, i.e. there are no toxic adhesives in your yoga mat. All colors used are water-based.

Washable at 30 degrees

Our microfiber yoga mats are super easy to clean. Simply put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees, with very little detergent and not a single spin cycle and your yoga mat will be like new again.

Fair & Social

Napali-Yogamats takes social and environmental responsibility very seriously. We ensure that your yoga mat is manufactured under fair & social standards and working conditions.

Microfibre yoga mats are perfect for more intensive yoga workouts. Do you often have sweaty hands and feet? Then you will be very, very happy with a microfiber yoga mat.

Microfiber yoga mats unfold their perfect non-slip properties after about 1-2 sun salutations, as soon as your hands are slightly warm you stand super firmly and securely on your yoga mat.

At the same time, it feels wonderfully soft.

And best of all: you can wash it in the washing machine!

Simply put it in the washing machine at 30° with minimal detergent and the lowest spin cycle.

Insider tip: make sure to activate Hasta Bandha at the beginning when your hands are still dry. This means you actively press your fingertips and palms into your yoga mat. This way you don't slip away at the beginning and best of all, your muscles are activated, your body warms up faster and the risk of injury is reduced.

PU yoga mats are perfect for you if you tend to have dry hands or simply prefer to stand rock-solid on your yoga mat from second 1. It is the all-round talent among yoga mats.

The PU surface has antibacterial properties and, like all other surfaces of the Napali yoga mats, it is pressed directly with the natural rubber, i.e. there are no toxic adhesives in your Yoga mat included.

PU yoga mats require a little more care. The best way to clean them is with a damp cloth with water or a 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.

Important: to avoid stains, please do not clean with oils or touch with greasy/creamed hands.

So that you can enjoy your PU yoga mat for a long time, it is best to carefully roll it up again after each yoga session.

Our cork yoga mats are the most environmentally friendly in our range.

The cork feels wonderfully soft and it is a super pleasant feeling to practice yoga on a cork mat.

Cork is also self-cleaning, odor-absorbing and I would personally compare it to a microfiber yoga mat in terms of slip resistance.

If it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth .

The cork of our yoga mats comes from Portugal.

100% natural

100% biodegradable

100% suitable for allergy sufferers

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Already knew?

My goal is to design yoga mats that give you self-confidence. You should feel completely comfortable on your yoga mat, whether in your own living room or in a well-attended yoga class.

Your yoga mat should be your place of safety and self-love".

What our customers say


The yoga mat feels so incredibly soft and is super non-slip. I love you!

Marie C

Super nice contact and fast delivery! The design is beautiful!

Johanna B

Napali's designs are just magical and motivate me incredibly to get on the mat regularly.

Andrea W

Super non-slip, great design!

Mark B

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